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Internet Services


Columbia Energy, was formed in 2000 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Columbia Rural Electric Association, to offer High Speed Broadband Internet Services.  We offer High Speed Internet throughout Columbia, Walla Walla, and Umatilla Counties. 

High Speed Broadband Wireless

Broadband Wireless is an unlimited service with no data caps – you can use as much internet as you want without any overage fees.  Broadband Wireless is available to customers in areas where traditional Internet services are not available.  No phone lines or credit checks are required. 

All Broadband Wireless services require a standard 2 Year contract with no early termination fees if you give us 30 days’ notice of cancellation once you have had service for at least 90 days.  Standard Installation is $59.95. All service packages require an Equipment Lease fee of $5.95/month.  *All speeds are "up to" and available in a limited service area.

Speed* Monthly Rate
1.5Mb/768Kb $39.95
2.5Mb/1Mb  $49.95
3.5Mb/1.5Mb $59.95
5Mb/2Mb $79.95
10Mb/5Mb $109.95


Exede Satellite Service

Exede Satellite service is provided via ViaSat.  It is a High Speed Internet service delivered via satellite technology.  It is available virtually anywhere.  It is a limited service which means that you have a monthly limit on the internet you can use each month.  It includes a Late Night Free Zone (midnight to 5:00 am) where you can use all the internet you want.  You also have the option to Buy More Data each month if needed.  No phone lines or credit checks required.

Exede Satellite service require a 2 year contract, which requires a 30 day notice to cancel.  All service packages require an Equipment Lease fee of $8.95/month.  Service Installation fees vary - call us today!

Download/Upload per month Monthly Rate
10GB $49.99
15GB $79.99
25GB $129.99


Call 1-800-996-2209 for more information!





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