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Dayton (Office)

Chief Executive Officer Les Teel
Executive Assistant/HR Jennifer Aichele
Mgr. of Financial Services Jim Cooper
Accountant Sheila Davis
Accountant Lisa Benzel
Member Services Rep. Michelle Filan
Lead MSR/Billing Specialist Melissa Bennett

Dayton (Patit Shop)

General Foreman Clay Arnzen
Line Foreman Dennis Rickords
Serviceman Jason Gemmell
Journey Lineman Tadd McCrae
Journey Lineman Kent Jenkins
Journey Lineman Adam Uptegrove

Walla Walla Service Center

Chief Operating Officer Scott Peters
Manager of Marketing and Member Services Doug Case
Energy Information and Member Services Supervisor Dan Andrews
Member Services Coordinator Charlotte Bouta
Member Services Rep. Greer Buchanan
Member Services Rep. Amy Spivey
Mgr. of Communications and Information Technology Bob Greene
Database Administrator Brendan Johnson
IT Technician Brian Hatley
Network Engineer Gene Dawes
Columbia Energy - Network Customer Support Nichole Appleford
Columbia Energy - Wireless Technician Craig Underwood
Columbia Energy - Wireless Technician Luke Ashley
Manager of Operations Dave Reller
Manager of Engineering Grant Glaus
Engineering & Operations Clerk Olivia Slater
Field Engineer Bryan Maas
Field Engineer Vern Naber
Distribution Engineer Jeff Dietrich
GIS/Drafting Technician Ryan Lee
Engineering Technician Garett Wolfe
Line Foreman Darrin Wales
Serviceman Brian Bishop
Journey Lineman John Brown
Journey Lineman Jeff Splattstoesser
Journey Lineman Andrew Neal
Warehouse & Purchasing Supervisor Jack Himmelberger
Warehouseman Marc Hodges
Warehouseman Dean Proefrock
Journey Meterman Kyle Lane
Journey Meterman Aaron Middleton

Burbank Service Center

Line Foreman Nathan DeBord
Journey Lineman Ken Morris
Journey Lineman Nathan Lueck
Journey Lineman Ryan Hull

Safety Services

Mgr. of Safety Services & Regulatory Affairs-Spokane KC Dors
Safety Trainer-Walla Walla John Spain
Safety Coordinator/Trainer-Dayton Jeff Myers


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